AXEQUINO - Healthy shine products for Horses

"The first and only conditioner for use after shaving a horse"

Innovative by AXONNITE Technologies Ltd.

Why focus Axequino on skin care?

The horse's skin is the first line of defense against the damaging effects of pathogenic micro-organisms. It provides protection against infection from bacteria, funghi, viruses against mechanical, thermal, chemical and light damage. As well as providing a balanced "in body" environment for the animal.

Some of the basic functions of a horse's skin and coat include:

Thermal regulation of the body:

Skin consists of: Epidermal layer, dermal layer and subdermal layers.

Often it is the state of the skin and coat that is an indicator of the horse's wellbeing and health. A shiny coat, smooth and elastic skin are all signs of good health and vitality.
A matt coat, dry peeling skin should suggest that the horse's owner should look to the reasons behind such symptoms.

Axequino has been created to help maintain the skin and coat in an optimal state.

However it's important to understand that this is only skin and coat maintenance and appropriate feed and treatment regimes are also important. Highlights equine natural Beauty